About Us


Game Won! Game One!

We work on impactful projects with driven people.

  • Independence
  • Creativity
  • Consciousness

We work with creative minds, content creators and technical geniuses who share our vision of bringing valuable products to millions of mobile users.


We want our products and services to be open to use by everyone and our knowledge to be widely shared.


Our mission is to drive company performance and maintain sustainable company growth, whilst putting people at the core of everything they do.

Gaming Platform

We are a team of developers, designers, product managers gathering around one goal: creating mobile apps offering valuable experiences for everyone.


The Publishing team plays a key role in growing our businesss at G-Won by suggesting and leading strategies for the future of the mobile game industry.


It is crucial to constantly adapt ourselves to the market in order to stay ahead of trends and deliver the right content to grow our business.


We use advanced technologies, machine learning, and billions of data points every hour to create innovative solutions that drive growth.


Design a brighter and more beautiful world.